Puppy Purchase Process


If you are interested in a puppy from Cameron Mtn Labradors please e-mail me an inquiry and complete the puppy questionnaire. The questionnaire is just a starting point to an open discussion regarding the purchase of a Cameron Mtn Labrador. I need information regarding the type of Labrador you are seeking and would like to hear your reasons for pursuing a Cameron Mtn Labrador puppy. This is a two way discussion, I want to know about you and I want you to know enough about our dogs to make an informed decision. Prior to submitting a deposit and being placed on the puppy list we need to have e-mail and telephone conversations, a visit to Cameron Mtn Labradors would be ideal.



Once we have communicated and feel comfortable with each other and the decision that a Cameron Mtn Labrador is the right dog for you I will accept a deposit of $300. This commitment goes both ways. I will place you on the list of buyers for a particular litter and will not place other pet buyers ahead of you. You commit to me that you will purchase a puppy from a particular litter at a stated price. I will need to know specifically what you will accept as far as color and sex. If you are open to any puppy of any sex and color that is best but if you only want a black male that is fine. Temperament and soundness are more important than sex or color but I need to know your desires in order to let other puppy buyers know what I have available.

When it is time for the puppies to go to their homes at about 8 weeks I generally allow people to select their puppy in the order deposits were received. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO PULL A PUPPY (OR SEVERAL PUPPIES) THAT I BELIEVE ARE EXCEPTIONAL. This would be a puppy I feel that should be shown, placed in a breeder home or a puppy I may choose to keep or co-own. It may also include a puppy with a special talent for hunting, search and rescue, service dogs or another special talent. This would mean that if you thought you were 3rd on the list due to submitting the 3rd deposit you could possibly end up with 5th pick. This would be the exception but it is a possibility.

Your deposit is a non-refundable commitment. If you enter into a divorce, move or find another puppy sooner through another breeder your deposit will not be returned. It may be applied to a future litter. With your name on the list other buyers may be prohibited from purchasing a puppy. If there is not a puppy available that meets the criteria you stated that you wanted I will refund your deposit or apply it toward the next litter, again, as a firm commitment to that litter.




All puppies are sold on a “limited registration” unless designated under contract. Limited registration allows a full registration of the purchased puppy but no puppies sired or whelped under limited registration may be registered with the AKC. The puppy may be shown in all AKC events except AKC Conformation. This “limited registration” is to avoid irresponsible breeding and is adhered to by most all reputable breeders.



Some breeders choose your puppy for you, I allow you to choose after I have given myself and/or other show/breeder prospects priority. The remaining puppies will be chosen in the order deposits have been received. If needed due to circumstances we will choose your puppy together based on pictures and open discussion. I will not hold up the process because timing is an issue.

Puppies may go to their new homes at about 8 weeks of age. They will have received their first set of shots, been checked by a licensed veterinarian and been wormed. You will receive a copy of their written medical record, pedigree, guarantee and AKC registration papers as well as food that they have been started on.



We do not ship puppies.